Liquides Immaginaires Fortis

By Liquides Imaginaires

€ 130.00

"Experience the transformational power of Fortis fragrance, like a regenerating fire that rejuvenates and revitalizes, leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed. Its encompassing warmth reassures and its sparks of energy ignite new life within. Just as a fire brings forth new growth from the ashes, Fortis has the power to regenerate and revitalize your spirit, giving you the strength and force to embrace the future with confidence. Let the phoenix within you rise and soar to new heights with the empowering scent of Fortis."

Duftnoten: holzig, würzig

Komposition: Safran, Oud, Zedernholz, Guajakholz, Sandelholz, Vanille, Moschus

50ml, 100ml

Eau de Parfum